nihongo|Osamu Yasuhara|安原 修|Yasuhara Osamu
anime voices|Kousuke Okano|Eric Vale
Born: March 1
Blood Type: AB
Height: 177 CM
A 3rd year top-ranked high school student and president of his school's student council. Yasuhara first appears as a client of SPR as a result of unexplainable phenomena occurring at his school during "File 6". After the case is solved, he continues to help out SPR in what ever ways he can, such as impersonating Kazuya Shibuya at the request of Naru and performing background research off-site while the others are on a case. He has no psychic powers of his own, but his sharp mind and work efficiency make him a good support to the team. He has a wry sense of humor and is unafraid to poke fun at the different members of the team, often making homosexual remarks to Bou-san. He is planning to attend university and has been accepted to Tokyo University after passing his entrance exams.